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Revolutionary workforce training programs for the food world

MM combines decades of “boots on the ground” food industry experience with the leading innovation in learning science to bring you workforce training programs designed to deliver transformative learning experiences that drive results.

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Here's the problem


Cost to hire & train 1 hourly employee


Cost to hire and train one manager


Average turnover rate in Food & Hospitality

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Let’s be real... That number isn't just getting beaten - it’s being creamed, sautéed, and served up on a silver platter right now.

Sources: This fixable problem costs U.S. Businesses $1 Trillion (, Hospitality salary in USA - Average salary (, Improve Employee Retention in The Hospitality Industry (Daily Pay)
That means for every 100 hourly workers you employ, you lose 85 of them per year!
That works out to $170,000+ in lost training...
So, how can we get better at motivating your team so they don't want to leave?

We have to know what they want.
So what do frontline workers actually want?
Job growth
Learning opportunity
Aligned skill set
Supportive manager
Source: “Bridging the Advancement Gap: What Frontline Employees Want - and What Employers Think They Want” McKinsey, (2022)
Basically, if your team can't see a clear path to advance their career with you...
... they leave
Your team needs to feel any short term pain is worth the long term gain

That's where Mise Mode comes in.

Mise ModeTM
Our unique career-development version of mise en place, the famous chef’s process for making sure ingredients are prepped and ready to go.
This is nothing like the corporate training programs we all complain about.
You know, the ones that can be...
😴 Boring
🤨 Unrelatable
😪 Coma-inducing
🥸 Interesting, but ineffective
Instead, our programs are designed to deliver high-impact lessons in engaging, fun, & compelling ways.
Mise Mode is powered by decades of experience and research-backed learning science, cuz you need both.
There's no substitute for actual experience in the industry. And why does learning science matter? Because designing a learning experience FOR the actual learners produces different outcomes:
😄 Joy
👌 Satisfaction
🏋️ Motivation
🏘 Belonging
👥 Connection
👆 those also happen to be the key elements of retention (just sayin’)
If it’s not designed for what THEY want and how THEY learn, they won’t stay…
Case in point:
Research shows that a staggering 96%* of workplace training experiences are designed in a way that will lead to no measurable impact on employee knowledge, skills, or behavior.
The result? That training has zero impact on the individual or organization. Ouch!
That's why Mise ModeTM is built using DOMSTM & these 6 design principles
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Learn, practice, and assess in context
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Deliver desirable difficulty
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Optimize outcomes
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How to navigate inevitable challenges
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Drive instrinsic motivation
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Encourage metacognition

When you introduce the Mise ModeTM platform into your business, you will:

Increase employee retention
Build a world class food team
Increase productivity
Reduce training costs

What industry leaders have to say about Mise ModeTM

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Renee is an incredibly insightful multi-unit operator who knows how to motivate teams and execute to target. Here is your opportunity to learn from the best.

Picture of Sebastian Wright
Sebastian Wright
New Formats Leader, Amazon
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You're lucky to have Renee’s operations expertise on call!

Picture of Sam Polk
Sam Polk
CEO, Everytable
Everytable logo
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Renee is an excellent Food Development & Strategy Expert with her finger on the pulse of the food industry. During my time working with her at Pret A Manger she provided vital training at the beginning of my food development career. She’s truly first class! From teaching me how to properly write a recipe to train en masse, to properly conducting a competitor analysis research project in a new market, she excels at training an individual how to push the limits of their current skills while coaching them on tactics to prepare them for future opportunities.

Picture of Zach Thomas
Zachary Thomas
Senior R&D Leader
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I am privileged to have witnessed Renee's process first hand when I was a chef at the Google headquarters in Mountain View California. Renee absolutely refused to entertain mediocrity. Nothing less than A game effort would be accepted, no exceptions! She inspired us to be the best we could ever be. Those of us who cared to listen to her advice enjoyed career advancements previously never thought even conceivable. You now have direct access to that brilliant mind.

Picture of Irfan Dama
Irfan Dama
Indian Chef Consultant

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