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The proven recipe to get ahead in your career

Whether you’re in your first hourly-wage job, ready to move into management, or looking ahead to executive leadership, this book is for you.

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Who should read this book??

This book is for:

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Food leaders & restaurant owners
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Food service employees
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Food industry workers
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The culinary curious

It's not for:

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People who don’t have dreams
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People who don’t love learning
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People who don’t enjoy food or food experiences
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People who don't want to grow their career

Bonus points if you're:

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A curious foodie who wants to look at the business side of food
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A Gen Z worker entering the workforce for the first time
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An ambitious professional seeking to advance your career from entry-level to mid-management
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Considering a career change and you're not sure what path is right for you

Why you should buy the book

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Learn how to run your professional life in Mise Mode™: Our unique career-development version of mise en place, the famous chef’s process for making sure ingredients are prepped and ready to go.
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You’ll learn how to keep moving forward in your career, navigate inevitable challenges, and embrace growth and resilience – all in service to achieving your career dreams.
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You’ll learn how to keep moving forward in your career, navigate inevitable challenges, and embrace growth and resilience – all in service to achieving your career dreams.
15 amazing videos with industry leaders
Included in the book: Scan a QR code to watch an incredible industry leader sharing personal stories and lessons from their career journey.
Sheilina Henry

President, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, SVP, Bloomin’ Brands

Picture of Sheilina Henry
Gigi-Anne Hoh

Head of Legal,
Syngenta Group

Picture of Gigi-Anne Hoh
Michiel Bakker

VP Global Workplace Programs, Google

Michiel Bakker
Ashmeet Kaur

Director of Health, Safety, and Quality, ISS

Picture of Ashmeet Kaur
Bryce Fluellen

Executive Director of Social Equity Franchising, Everytable

Picture of Bryce Fluellen
Dana Gunders

Executive Director,

Picture of Dana Gunders
Zachary Thomas

Executive Sous Chef,
Earl Enterprises

Picture of Zachary Thomas
Maisie Ganzler

Chief Brand & Strategy Officer, Bon Appetit Management Co.

Picture of Maisie Ganzler
Catherine Lederer

SVP Food & Beverage,
Founder's Table Group

Picture of Catherine Lederer
Brian Schwartz

Managing Director,
The Elliot Group

Picture of Brian Schwartz
Gilbert Verdugo

GM Executive Chef,
Air Culinaire

Picture of Gilbert Verdugo
Stacey Payne

Chief People Officer,
Daily Harvest

Picture of Stacey Payne
Sarah Nelson

Executive Director,
18 Reasons

Picture of Sarah Nelson
Casey Gleason

VP Food,

Picture of Casey Gleason
Juliana Stone

Senior Vice President,
The Elliot Group

Picture of Juliana Stone
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The most important ingredient for success in the food industry?

The food world has long kept a big secret: that everything IS possible in this industry.
Big dreams? You can achieve them here.
The scale of opportunity to live a life of creativity and freedom, earn a fantastic income, and even change the world is staggering.
And all you need to get started is yourself.

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What industry leaders have to say about the book

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This is a captivating read for anyone who cares about the food industry and especially those with an interest in a career in food. Renee serves up her incredible set of experiences and lessons to life in a fun and fascinating way. I can tell you from having sampled her amazing cooking that she knows how to combine incredibly delicious taste with health and sustainability and that’s what this book brings out - a truly delicious "recipe" for what's achievable in the industry.

Picture of Erik Fyrwald
Erik Fyrwald
CEO, Syngenta Group
Syngenta logo
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Renee Guilbault reached the pinnacle of the food industry, and now opens the door so that anyone with talent and motivation can follow in her footsteps. This is the definitive insider’s guide to the food industry. I wish I had this book when I was starting my journey into the world of food.

Picture of Sam Polk
Sam Polk
CEO, Everytable
Everytable logo
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Reading this book gave me so many a-ha moments—I wish I had received advice like this when I was starting out as a young manager. I want everyone on my team to read it, no matter where they are on their career journey!

Picture of Maise Ganzler
Maisie Ganzler
Chief Strategy & Brand Officer, Bon Appetit Management Company
Bon Appetit Management Company logo
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Who better to guide you through the twists and turns of a career in food than a professional who has lived it and seen all sides? Renee captures her entertaining journey from server to leader with characteristic honesty and humor, sharing experiences that are valuable to the careers of those just starting out and inspiring the confidence of those who are looking to grow their influence in the food industry. Here is your opportunity to learn from the best.

Picture of Sebastian Wright
Sebastian Wright
New Formats Leader, Amazon
Amazon logo
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A must-read book for anyone looking to examine a career path and take the food industry by storm! Ambition and Renee’s sound step-by-step insider’s guide are a recipe for success. This book is packed with wisdom and a keen understanding of the ‘real world’ challenges of today’s corporate food industry and how to navigate them all successfully with clarity and ease. Engaging, practical, and applicable--well done!

Sylvia Banderas Coffinet
Sylvia Banderas Coffinet
CEO, Latina Media Network
Latino Media Network logo
Quote icon

Renee shares her career journey in a direct, humorous, and authentic way. Filled with insights and advice (and delicious recipes!), this book is a much needed resource for anyone interested in, or navigating their way through, a career in the food industry.

Photo of Catherine Lederer
Catherine Lederer
SVP, Food and Beverage, Founder’s Table Group (CHOPT Salad & Dos Toros)
Founder's Table logo
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With clear eyes and straight talk, food-industry executive and consultant Guilbault celebrates the trade that feeds the planet.

Book Life by Publisher's Weekly
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Editor's Pick
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An inspiring guide that conveys the passion and promise of the food business with pragmatic advice.

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This book needs to be mandatory reading for the food industry professional - whether entry level hourly worker, or one transitioning into a leadership role. Renee breaks it down and tells it like it is; brutally honest, and holds nothing back. I am privileged to have witnessed Renee's process first hand when I was a chef at the Google headquarters in Mountain View California. Renee absolutely refused to entertain mediocrity. Nothing less than "A" game effort would be accepted, no exceptions! She inspired us to be the best we could ever be. Those of us who cared to listen to her advice enjoyed career advancements previously never thought even conceivable. You now have direct access to that brilliant mind. A Taste of Opportunity is Renee's playbook for career success. Anyone looking to make it in the food industry would be foolish to pass up on this treasure trove of insider secrets.

Picture of Irfan Dama
Irfan Dama
Indian Chef Consultant
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Ms. Guilbault's reflections on her career are an encouraging and humorous expose of all that goes on behind the scenes to get food on the table in restaurants, QSRs, hotels and other outlets. The opportunities are limitless for those willing to show up, be honest, honor their agreements and work - and this book is a wonderful reminder of how to excel in the foodservice industry and achieve the proverbial American Dream, regardless of education or background.

Picture of Jill Overdorf
Jill Overdorf
Chair of the LA Food Policy Council & Founder, The Produce Ambassador
Quote icon

A Taste of Opportunity is so much more than a book directed solely to the food industry. Replace the word customer for client and you have the recipe for success no matter what your career goals are. Renee’s humor and telling it like it is makes A Taste of Opportunity an easy and enjoyable read. Highly recommend!”

Donna Sanders
Food Editor & Executive Producer, Where The Food Comes From
Quote icon

A Taste of Opportunity is a career guide that reads like a delicious full-course meal. It is filled with inspirational stories, useful tips and clear guidance for those who want to not only make a career in the food industry, but make meaning and impact.

Picture of Pamela Slim
Pamela Slim
Award-winning author, Body of Work and The Widest Net
Pamela Slim logo
Quote icon

Renee has written a book that shows us all the same points we're trying to make in our television series -- food and farming impact every aspect of our lives. The days of 'dumb' farmers and chefs are long gone -- food is a business. Business requires leadership. Renee niftily ties all those threads together in an entertaining and enlightening read that's applicable to anybody with a career interest in where the food comes from and how we get fed.

Chip Carter
Producer & Host, Where The Food Comes From

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A Taste of Opportunity shows you the enormity of what’s possible in the food world and gives you the tools to make the industry work its magic for you.

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What people have to say

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Renee Guilbault reached the pinnacle of the food industry, and now opens the door so that anyone with talent and motivation can follow in her footsteps.

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Sam Polk
CEO, Everytable
Everytable logo
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For the past 15 years, Renee has been a steadfast champion, colleague, and resource for my work in the restaurant industry.

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Casey Gleason
VP Food, sweetgreen
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Renee serves up her incredible set of experiences and lessons to life in a fun and fascinating way.

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Erik Fyrwald
CEO, Syngenta Group
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