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Restaurant Prime Costs P&L Tool

Maximize your profitability with real-time P&L insights. Make informed decisions, set accurate prices, and improve cash flow management to quickly identify and address problems.

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Want to make better financial decisions but don’t know where to start?

Raise your hand if you've ever asked yourself these questions:
The MM P&L Tool can help.
We have seen an increase in Revenue from +10% and a 3-5% increase in COGS profitability from having real-time numbers at your fingertips.
What are the impacts when a food business doesn't understand their overall financial performance?
It can lead to incorrect pricing, inaccurate budgeting and employee scheduling, poor inventory management, reduced profitability, and limited ability to make informed business decisions. 
Why does this matter?
Rule #1 to running a successful Food Business? Know Your Numbers. You can’t make good financial decisions if you don't know your numbers.

When used correctly, this tool will show you in “real time” if you are making money each week and what your real “break even” point is.

This tool can give you the information you need to confidently make business decisions including: managing your labor spend more effectively, identifying and addressing problems quickly, managing costs in "real-time" (aka before they sink you), increasing profitability, and improving cash flow management.

Introducing the Restaurant Prime Costs P&L Tool.

With this tool you can:
What can this tool do?

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