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LA Weekly
Struggling to serve healthy meals in a recession?

“As food prices and work pressures rise together, many of us are finding it harder to put healthy meals on the table that we feel truly good about: good nutrition, good value, good flavor. That challenge can make the bounty of prepackaged meals feel like a solution, but the convenience of those heat-and-serve “saviors” comes with some serious trade-offs in terms of high calories, unwanted additives, and, yes, added cost.”

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Retention plays big role in employee satisfaction

"It's critical for managers to take personal responsibility for the growth and development of their team members if they want to ensure a higher retention rate across their organization," said Renee Guilbault, principal at Essayer Food Consulting."

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Boston Commons
Chef's Kiss

“I want to drive the conversation around the incredible opportunities the food industry really does offer…"

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The Muse
You Don’t Have to Be a Chef to Work in Food—Here Are 13 Jobs to Consider

"Your experience in the food world doesn’t have to end at some temporary service job you take while you figure your life out. If you build your resilience muscle, commit to learning everything you can in every job you take, and get curious about what makes a food business tick, a world of delicious potential will open itself up to you."

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How restaurants can boost employee morale

""If an employer wants to turn around poor morale, they need to start with broadening the perspectives and practices of those who work for them, so that they create meaningful opportunities for their teams to find meaning, to reframe and to problem solve – all key skills needed for team members to feel the agency they need in challenging roles in order to be happy enough to be retained," Guilbault said."

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Authority Magazine
The New Portrait Of Leadership: Strategies to Shape Yourself Into A Modern Masterpiece

“Leaders who actively invite others to the table and design organizational and team structures that encourage collaboration and empower the people who are the actual experts (i.e., the people doing the hands-on work) are the ones who are leading the way. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to challenge your team or make tough decisions — the true mastery is in being able to both harness the power of collaboration and get team-wide buy-in for the direction you ultimately take.”

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The Food Institute
Analysis: Consumer Spending Slowing, Even for the Wealthy

“Skipping the avocado add-ons, going for drip coffee over a signature hot beverage, or choosing a more affordable restaurant option are clear behaviors restaurant companies have been seeing from customers since the Spring.”

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Consumer Affairs
The price of eggs is exploding again, putting restaurateurs and homemakers in a tough position

“This is a great opportunity for restaurants to look at their menu items to remove dishes that don’t do well financially, and re-engineer dishes into more profitable items,” she said, pointing to breakfast items like crepes that use fewer eggs than an omelet.”

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LA Times
Panel seeks to use L.A.'s abundance of fresh food in fight against childhood obesity

"Research shows, she said, that when items are procured locally, 45 cents of every dollar remains in the local economy, compared with 15 cents for items procured elsewhere”

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Where The Food Comes From
Renee Guilbault Shares Secrets For Getting Ahead In The Food And Farming World In New Book

"Renee Guilbault, Food Industry Leader and Activist, candidly shares how to join, how to navigate and how to step up and lead within a trillion dollar industry in her new book, A Taste of Opportunity"

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Irvine Weekly
Think like a restaurant

“You can’t make good spending decisions if you don’t have a plan. And just like a skilled restaurant manager won’t order a single radish before they know how much they need and how much they’re willing to spend on it, you shouldn’t be deciding what to buy when you’re already at the grocery store or pushing that button on your favorite delivery app.”

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How to Save Money When Going Out to Eat

"For many people money is tight right now, so when you go out to eat you want to get the most for your money. Food Industry Insider, Renee Guilbault, joined us with her tips on how to save money when eating out."

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National Civic Review
Food and Community: A Future Intertwined

“Obesity and type 2 diabetes have reached epidemic proportions across all age, income, and ethnicity groups, but rates are significantly higher in African American and Hispanic communities, which, not coincidentally, are more likely to be located in food deserts with limited access to grocery stores selling fresh, healthy foods.”

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