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Theoretical COGS Menu MGMT Tool


Boost your profits and accelerate growth by understanding your menu's food cost, AKA cost of goods sold (COGS). Analyze menu categories to make informed changes and sell your most profitable items.

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Do you have questions about your food cost and how it impacts your profitably?

Raise your hand if you've ever asked yourself these questions:
The MM Theoretical COGS MGMT tool can help.
When you implement this tool along with the Master Recipe Tool, we have seen a 3-5% increase in COGS Profitability.
What are the impacts when a food business doesn't understand their theoretical menu costs?
This can lead to several pain points, including incorrect pricing, reduced profitability, ineffective inventory management, difficulty in making informed decisions, and an inability to identify unprofitable menu items.
Why does this matter?
Rule #1 to running a successful Food Business? Know your numbers!
You can’t make good financial decisions if you don't know your numbers.

Implementing this tool is Step Two to truly understanding your food cost and unlocking the opportunities to drive it down. If you don't look at your weighted averages, you may find yourself selling your best lunch menu item at an unfavorable cost. This happens more than you might think!

Introducing the Theoretical COGS Menu MGMT Tool.

With this tool you can:
What can this tool do?

What's the time commitment?


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Download this tool now, gain transparency into your cost of goods sold, and maximize profitability!
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Boost your profits and accelerate growth by understanding your menu's cost of goods sold.
Maximize profitability
Understand your food cost
Analyze menu categories
Make informed decisions
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